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Text and Phone Fraud Scam

The Credit Union will not ask for your card/account number or login passwords to verify who you are.  Please protect yourself and DO NOT give personal information over the phone or via text messages.  Never share verification codes you receive via text.  Also, If you receive any unprompted mobile wallet enrollment codes via text that you did not initiate,  please call the number on the back of card to report the card as compromised as someone already has your card information.  You can also find this number listed here on our website

Scammers will try several different tactics to try and get your information.  They will use fear or intimidation techniques to create a false sense of urgency.  They will try and get you to trust them by using official titles and promising some sort of reward or claiming someone else was using your account and need you to verify transactions or account/card numbers.  The best thing to do is write down the phone number and their information and tell them “now is not a good time, please call back later.”  Then you should contact us at the Credit Union immediately and verify if we called you or not.  If the call or text is after normal business hours and is not between 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, it is probably not us.  Please learn to protect yourself and your information.