Convert to the Credit Union

If you are thinking about switching to a different financial institution follow these tips for an easy transition!

  • Open your new bank account - don't forget to order checks or an ATM/Debit Card!
  • Stop using your old account for every day transactions.
  • Begin moving automatic payments and direct deposits - make a list of all of your automatic payments.  Contact those vendors to cancel the auto pay from your old account and provide them with your new account information.
  • Keep your old account open with a balance for 30 days - this will ensure that all automatic payments and direct deposits have been processed correctly and you haven't forgotten anything!
  • Close your old account - contact your old financial institution, ask them to close your account and send you the remaining funds.

On this page you will find forms that will help you Convert to the Credit Union!

Account Closing Request Form

Direct Deposit Form

Automatic Payment Authorization Form

We hope your transition to a member of Credit Union of Dodge City is a pleasant one.  Please contact us with any questions or problems you may have!