Business Accounts

Business Share Savings

To become a Business Account Member of Credit Union of Dodge City all you need is $5. With just $5 you can establish your Business Share Savings account and your new relationship between Credit Union of Dodge City and your valued business entity.

Business Premium Savings

Business Premium Savings is a great account to stash some cash, save for taxes or whatever your business needs may be, all while benefitting from this savings accounts higher dividends.

Small Business Checking

Ideal for the Small Business Owner, you will enjoy the low minimum deposit to open this account. Small Business Checking offers free online access and is just as simple and convenient as having a personal checking account. Credit Union of Dodge City is proud to offer the Small Business member dividends on their average daily balance on deposit. We feel that rewarding you for your deposit should not only be reserved for the large depositor.

Prime Business Checking

Great for the business with the ability to invest at a higher dollar amount! If your average daily balance is above $10,000 you will enjoy the tiered dividend scale this account offers. With 6 tiers of dividend rates the Prime Business Checking will definitely “pay you back” on your invested balance. You will feel at ease with the convenience of our free online banking.

Business Money Market

With the Business Money Market account you have the opportunity to earn great dividends on money you would like to keep separate from your main transaction account. This account has competitive dividend rates without tying up your funds for a long period of time.

Business Investment Certificate

Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) from Credit Union of Dodge City are an excellent investment opportunity if you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain higher rates of return. CD’s guarantee a specified dividend rate for a specific period of time. Check out our rate schedule to see our rates and terms!

Business Loans

Credit Union of Dodge City can be your partner when it comes to improving the business you have already established. We would love the opportunity to help you accomplish your goals however small or large they may be. We can help you with a small business loan or even a large commercial real estate loan. We will be with you every step of the way to see that your business dreams and needs are met.