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The look is changing, but the service stays the same!

When you are prompted to change your password on the mobile app or an internet browser, please close the app or browser window and reopen it when it prompts you to log back in with your new password

The Security Center offers many different types of information on current risks and issues related to personal, financial, and technical security.

Credit Union of Dodge City has a new Call Center for your Debit Card needs.

We have upgraded our core system. If you have trouble logging on to online banking please follow these instructions.  Logon_Trouble

Our VISA Credit Card has changed and you will Love it!

If You Are Traveling, Please Review This New Procedure.

If you have misplaced or had your debit card stolen, click here!

Featured Rates

New Auto 3.75% (as low as)
Used Auto 3.75% (as low as)
Unsecured Signature Loans 9.00% (as low as)
VISA Platinum Rewards Card 8.99% (as low as)


Certificate of Deposit 1.26% (as high as)


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APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield